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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today is a really exciting video, because I am going to be doing a charm collection update it's one of those videos that you're like yeah. I did it like it did one like two years ago and then you actually go back and check your YouTube, and I haven't done one of these since 2014, which was four years ago, just like craft arrow tours. It'S just one of those videos that you're just like yeah. I did you know it wasn't that long ago and yeah then it turns out that it is that long ago, so I'm doing an updated one. I'M also filming this on my new camera, which is also exciting. So this is the 7 Canon 70d. I'M filming on I'll leave the details in the description in case you were wondering but yeah, so it should be nice, full HD, and I just thought this would be a really cool video to play around with it because I haven't got to use it and I Got it in like April or so yeah, finally, wiping it out and using it for a video but yeah. This is my charm box. It'S actually pink and I'm not sure where I got it. I think I was just in like a hobby craft or a hobby shop when I saw it and it was pink and I was like well, your girl gots to get it. So it's pink and it's adorable, and this is what it looks like. I'M not sure how much it's changed since the last one. Honestly I haven't looked but for four years. You think there's a lot of different things in here. So hopefully it's exciting to watch. It is sort of organized, as you can see. It'S mostly cupcakes so like this is like for bigger pieces. This whole top row is all cupcakes. This is like underwater themed. Space themed fan are random, sweet like stuffed, cakes and then sort of savory stuff and just macarons. You know random bone charms, don't ask and old charms and random charms, so it's sort of organized and also just before I start. A lot of the charms in here will be rejects from my shop, because whenever I tend to make anything new anymore, it goes straight onto qui studios, my Etsy shop, so a lot of the stuff in here might be dirty versions, so there might not be the Best, but if you want to see like the best versions of these charms, obviously followed quite studios, that's where all of my high quality photo product photos go so yeah. Just if I, if I say oh, this is Debbie, you know why? Because I keep the derpy looking ones and then I sell the good ones, obviously, but yeah I'm just gon na get started on this and I'm obviously gon na keep in all the a.s.m.r noses, because that was my favorite part of her watching charm collection. Videos back in the day, so you girls got you, don't worry so yeah, I'm just going to with this and then we'll just work our way down. So, as I said, this first compartment is like four bigger things, so I just basically have two of the same designs of figurines, so I called this a car of what I called this one, actually chocolate heaven or something. So it's basically just a base of biscuit so for biscuits, which I've attached on the bottom with another bit of clay and textured, and then you've got a melting, chocolate bar a coatl, well, a chalk, a pan of Chocolat, sorry and then another chocolate bar. I Warfel with some drizzle on it and then this is another little cookie piece and then there is a chocolate chip, cookie cupcake on top and then this one's exactly the same. Except this one isn't glazed and the cupcake is uglier and this one isn't like melting. But yeah, so I basically have these. I did do an updated version really recently and my last restock on quite studios I'll put a picture up on the screen right now, which I've really really loved about haven't kept any for myself. Just because you know they were good enough to both sell, and these were just there's always something there's something wrong with both of these. So I never sold them, and I do want to bring this one back as well. But I kind of wanted to do like a smaller version, because this is a bit OTT and I just want to do like a mini version. So that's where that got that that one I just showed you on the screen came from and it's basically these, but you know made it look a little bit more small and cuter so onto the next compartment. Also, if you can hear it like cars and stuff, I've had to open the windows, because the UK is having like a random heatwave and its genuinely too hot to film without any windows open. So sorry, if you can hear any background noise anyway, the first compartment also has some figurines and then also a cupcake didn't fit anywhere else. So this is actually a recent cupcake. This is my mermaid themed cupcake, which again this is one of those ones. That was just a little bit too lopsided to sell. I didn't really think it was really sellable. It'S cute, though, so, hence why I've kept it base. It looks like this and I basically wanted to make a cupcake that was inspired by these little pearls, that I got from miniature sweet, which I absolutely adore actually I'll put a link to certain things in the description box. For you guys certain supplies I mentioned so I'll put these in there, because people always ask me but yeah, so I basically made the base match that so I use pearl X, pigments in blue, bright, pink and purple and then just mix them all together to create This base, which I really love and then there a tiny, little oyster, pearl seashell on top with the Pearl aside, and then it's got purple icing and I love these. You guys really love these as well, and I love the photography I did for these on quite studios as well, so yeah first one is that one and then there is also this random cupcake, which is also one of my favorite designs, but again really derpy and Kind of lopsided and it's the chocolate strawberry one that I did I just I love making these. I love doing the drizzle and I just think they're really simple and cute, so it's just like a pink base and then it's got bits of strawberries and then chocolate sauce on top and then there's this little derpy figurine, which I really don't like it's fairly old. Now because you can like tell by the face it's quite old, because I don't my faces don't really look like that anymore, but yeah. This was like a Sakura cherry blossom, themed figurine, but the base is just really ugly color but yeah. So it's like a pearl white base with a pearly pink. Well, this is the cupcake base. This is the other base and then it's got white icing and then it's just got quartz Sakura flowers with little micro marbles on them and yeah. Just a little cupcake. Just chilling there and it's not like a charm, it's actually like all connected so yeah, it's a cute idea but, like I said it's really old now and then we've got this, which is a little stand for my Mario cupcakes and which is in a different compartment. So I'll show you what that looks like, but the paper, basically the cupcake, sits here and it's one of those little green tunnels that you see in the Mario games and then here is a octave as I throw about here is a little figurine. I made that was inspired by the snow and ice and all that good stuff. So this is the little cupcake. It'S got sparkles on top. It'S also got some fake sugar on top and then the base is like an icy white color, and then it sits in this little snowflake, which is a mold duct. I think I got an Aliexpress actually and then I put some polar ice and pigment on it and I also put some little rhinestones and then the cupcake sits in the middle there, and I really love this design. I think he's really cute and - and I did sell one of these I think cause I did make two. I can't quite remember, though, but yeah that's what that looks like, and that is just that first compartment next compartment again, this is all cupcakes they're, not organized by cupcakes. So here is a Christmas cupcake, which again is another one. My favorite designs. Obviously I didn't sell this one, because it's got this really awkward line. Where I clearly, I don't even know what I was doing there, but this is a little cupcake and it's got this little candy on top and then it's got a small candy cane and then it's also got this little Santa. These canes are all from miniature sweet, which I love. I absolutely love these kind of wait to make more of these this coming Christmas, and then it's also got some silver micro marbles and then just like a simple red base, then there's this one, which is another. I had keep saying how much I love these designs, but the ones they keep tend to be the ones I quite like, but this is actually a decent cupcake that I kept for myself, but this is the Valentine's Day. Cupcake that I made. I made the design a few years ago now I think, but it's just simple pink base pink pearl micro marbles and then this cute little heart cane, which i think is also for a miniature sweet most of my stuff, is more for a miniature sweet. You can find links down below to my affiliate links if you're interested, but that's pretty much where I get most of my supplies, but yeah this one is such a cutie and the photography I did for this is like used on most of my branding like on My different pages and stuff because I love it so much then I have two of these fairly new designs, which are little Sakura. Cupcakes and they've just got these little canes on top, which are again from miniature sweet, and I really love these. These are actually sellable. I'M just waiting until I have more charms so that I can put these in a restock on Kauai studios but yeah. I think they're really really cute and I'm really nice and simple and adorable, and they hang a slightly different way, which I think I really love. Then there is this really cute: little poppy sea lemon and poppy seed cupcake, which has a crease. This one has a crack in it, there's one that I had that had a crack Ennis. I couldn't sell it, but I think this one's just a little bit lopsided, but yeah. It'S got black micro marbles in it too little lemon slices on top, which I just love the way. These look and then a little lemon base, and you can see quite hung up sided that on is but yeah. I really love this one. I should really make more of these because they're really fun to make, and I just loved the yellow colors. It'S just a color that I never ever used. Oh wait. Here'S one! That'S probably got a crack on top there. You go. That'S the cracked one but yeah. This is what they look like again. I really need to make more because I love I love to color. Yellow sometimes sometimes I love the color yellow sometimes, and it's just not a color. I use a lot so I really want to. I don't really want to make more of those, and then there are some a firework cupcakes. This, I'm not even sure I haven't actually looked at this collection by the way before I film this. Hence why there is clearly a cupcake without a mouth in here like what's the point, this is what that one is meant to look like, so it is a firework cupcake which is based off of my original one I did, which was silver, which I did for New Year's and it's basically got a tiny little firework on top, which I'll show you the face in a second, and it's got some holographic gold glitter underneath it and then a gold sparkly base and the little firework is super cute. If I get this to the focus like it's really hard to see, but the face is actually made out of clay, it is really really really really tiny, but I do love making these. They are so much fun so yeah. That is that one and some, where is the silver version of that as well, then this one's a really random cupcake that I don't think I ever showed anywhere, maybe in a charm update possibly, but it is this, like messy cupcake. I think I was trying to make a chocolate cupcake and I smudge the icing and in an attempt not to waste the cupcake. I was like oh we'll just do like a messy chocolate, cupcake thing, but it doesn't really make much sense, uh-hum, but yeah. It'S kind of cute, I suppose, and also a bit lopsided, so it wouldn't been able to do anything with it anyway and then here is just a random which actually needs glazing. It'S a random holographic cupcake, so you've got like the holographic glitter on top and then I can't tried to do clearly some kind of ombre which just did not work, and this isn't glazed. So it's another round, one that just sits in my collection and then here is a actually maybe that always meant to be a coffee, cupcake yeah. That kind of looks like that yeah. So I was clearly might try to make a coffee cupcake but yeah. This is a coffee cupcake, which is another designer, should really bring back because they're really simple, but they're, really cute and obviously most people like coffee, so there's a little coffee bean on top and then it's like chocolate icing and a chocolate base with a little face. As usual, and then there is another one of those poppy seed, cupcakes really I couldn't make those very well and then Oh, a bog-standard peach a little cupcake. That'S always a nice time in my collection, which again is unglazed. I just I find cupcakes in this collection. Michael, why is this not glazed like? Why is this not finished? Why does not have a face on it all very important questions, so this next compartment, you can see the cupcakes that I was talking about earlier, which are my Mario and Luigi cupcakes, which I love. This, I absolutely love these so much. I always have they're tricky to make sometimes when you want to get them to match, but they're there safely and like I said they just go on this here like this, so they look like they're popping up from there. I don't really keep photography with that actually, but yeah. I really love these. I always have, and I never turn these ones into charms. I think I have sold maybe one or two of these but they're ones, that just such a fact to make. I tend to only make them for myself so yeah. I love these. I mean they're, so key and then next is a normal charm nan, which are my normal cupcake basic cupcake, which is the mint one which is dirty, which is probably why it's in my collection. So yeah just a bog-standard cupcake and then here, oh, I love these ones. Here is a chocolate lava cake which you really cannot see the face on that, which probably is there even a face just about which is probably why it's in my collection but yeah. So it's just like a chocolate cupcake. That'S got like chocolate, sauce coming out of the side. I love these. I just love the way the M chocolate sauce looks. I think it's just so shiny and looks so cool, and it's probably more of them in here somewhere. Actually this one in that compartment looks like this. This is like a silver version with a better face on it, with a happy face and yeah just look at that sauce. I just think it looks so tasty and cool, and then here is a one of the first like Cadbury's Creme Eggs designs that I made when I first started, making the Kabri the the one that you guys will know yeah. This is one of the designs that I've done, but I was like this is really way too boring. So yeah it's got the little Cadbury Creme Egg on it, and it's like coming out onto the top there's a little air bubble, though, which makes it look really bad. So yeah it's just a bit too simple that one and then there's another design that I think of quite fondly, which again like it's got a little mark on it. So clearly I couldn't sell it. This is my sakura tree cupcake, which actually I have a tutorial. Miss anything I have tutorials on as well. I will also try and link down below. I have a tutorial on this one and I just I really loved making it. I think they're really fun to make, and but they look quite they look quite impressive, but they're actually fairly simple, and I mean I just love secures obviously so yeah I just I love this one so much. I think it's such a cool idea really different, that I came up with which I'm not usually know usually someone to come up with the most interesting ideas. But I really liked this one. I was quite quite proud of myself and then here is a chocolate version of one of my favorite designs that showed you earlier. So it's just got the strawberry pieces and the pink base, but it's a chocolate version and then here's another chocolate one which is a chocolate chip. I have a cupcake with like chocolate chip pieces on top and a mint based and a cute little white face. I basically did these and like the one I'm gon na, show you next all it in like one big batch and they just turned out like really really well, like you know when you just do like a big batch of cupcakes and they suddenly all turn out Great and you're like how was that even happened, but yeah. So this one is like a rainbow one. I did the base really badly and I don't even know what colors these are meant to be, but yeah I did some rainbow sprinkles rainbow base and then a little white face and again I love these. They just turned out so much better than I was expecting them. So here is what was meant to be like a triple chocolate. I think I made it at the same time as those other ones. It'S like a triple chocolate, cupcake, so chocolate bits on top chocolate. Sauce choc a cupcake chocolate base, you know everything chocolate, you know, I love chocolate and then here is a Oh actually. I think this cupcake is a UV cupcake. It glows in the dark. So it's a pink pink base is like slightly pink icing. Let me just grab my torch. This is this. Is the glow-in-the-dark quad? Let'S have a learn. Oh it's color-changing! That'S what it is not going, the dark yeah. So it goes from pink to purple magic. It is so cute. I was meaning to like sell these, but um yeah. I just never got around to like perfecting them. Maybe one day I will but yeah, that's the cute little color-changing, cupcake and then last but not least in here is a bee cupcake. I do think I've got another one in here somewhere as well. This was inspired by. Oh goodness. I can't quite remember this. This is inspired by. I did a couple of these, but I'll put the name on the screen right now because cannot for the life of me. Remember the username that I think it is. I don't want to get it wrong either, but it's a cute little like yellow and black cupcake with a cute little face, and then these tiny little like translucent wings and it's not Blaz for some reason but yeah. I love this one. It'S super cute. I think it just looks really happy so on to the next. I hope you guys are ready for like a long, long, long, long, video, because that's what I'm that's what I'm given to you today. So this is a cupcake which I had on something. Obviously, probably a planner of some sort and it's like a really pretty pink like dusky rose color, and it's not like my normal, pink one. So yeah, I think that's super super cute and it's obviously my collection because I was using it. This one is quite old, as you can see, and it's also not cited. It was a custom order that I did and I usually make two of custom orders, one just to make sure that there's one that turns out right and then I can always keep one for my collection. But this was Catholic cotton candy. She wanted a blue base. Pink pink, cupcake and then a swirled, pink and blue icing, and I really have really loving it. It said not really design I like, but I was so remember, posting it on its gram and everyone went a bit crazy for it. So maybe your buddy knows back at some point: oh here's one of my little like midget cupcakes. So it's like a really really tiny cupcake and it's just got caramel and chocolate chips on top for the blue base. It was just like a little cute experiment that one and then here is the silver version of that gold cupcake. I showed you earlier so it's got a really really pretty silver base and then it's got the face: holographic glitter and then this one also has the tiny, tiny tiny little face on the rocket which again it's all made out of play, really really tiny and really Cute obviously, like I said nice gorgeous, glitter, so yeah, that's that one here's another cupcake that I made in that batch. I was just showing you earlier. It is a swell cupcake, which I really really loved this one. Actually it's one of my favorites, so it's got purple and pink icing and then purple and pink swirled base. I just think it's really really pretty color and I just love the chocolate like. I love brown with what black or brown with pastel colors. That just think. It'S really pretty, then here is a rare it well. Actually it was a take on a red velvet cupcake. I think I made, which is one of these like cutout cupcakes, so it's got like pink heart icing on top with a pink base. These are really hard to make because they always end up top so because you have to like cut out the shape, but yeah, it's quite cute. It'S got a cute little white face on it. Here'S the other bumblebee cupcake, which has like slightly thicker stripes. I think the other one worked a little bit better, but this one is glazed. Then there huh, my god, Lagarde Derby. Clearly this was a experiment to use these big beads for eyes, but I just decided my cupcakes were not we're not made for these eyes. Look at it, but it's also lopsided as well. I just don't even know what doing there clearly and here is a cupcake I made at the same time as those figurines from the beginning. So it's just really ugly. That'S right in my collection here is another lava cake where the icing coming out here is definitely another experiment from ages ago or now she knows it's just like an OG cupcake that I remade, so it's got just micro marbles and then like a pretty metallic base. I don't really know why I made that to be honest, and then here is another little chocolate chip cupcake, which again I made at the same time and he's got like a slightly different face. But I just think it is the cutest thing ever so yeah and obviously I was using this as well on a planner and then here is a peanut butter cupcake, like peanut butter cup cupcake. This was um. I think someone who won one of my giveaways - and this was designed that they chosen. So this is what I made them and I made a couple, and so one of them is in my collection personally and then last but not least, at the last draw, which is just I make so many cupcakes. So this is another one that I had on. My planner, this was on my kekeke a purple one and it's just like a normal purple. Cupcake with a face here is another little experiment. I'M not sure why I was thinking here, it's quite cute, but I just obviously never got finished. I think this is just like a massive bit of cake to have eaten but yeah it's got all the texture on it. If you can see it can't really it's a bit bright yeah. You can't really see the texture, but yeah had all the texture done in it, which I really love doing texture stuff. So I really need to get like back to doing that, but yeah. That'S that one and then here is a little Christmas. A bear cupcake, which I just think it's super super cute. It is basically just like a little bear with, is a pearly base, and then these micro bubbles are in the Christmas colors, but they as usual round a bit because the colour always does. Oh here is a recent cupcake, which I love. I really love doing the challenge of finding something on Instagram, like that: that's real and then having to make out into a miniature. So this was a really cute little cupcake from a bakery on an Instagram and it's basically just like gold base. Chocolate cupcake Oreo icing, rainbow sprinkles, half an Oreo and then pink icing over that, like I just think it's so cute and yeah, you can find the bakery that I did base this on on Instagram. I tagged them in the post and it's not that long ago. So yeah I loved that little one. I think it's super cute um and then here is another one I really like, which is just like chocolate and strawberry. Really simple and like I said I love doing this icing, so yeah really really simple, really cute, oh and then here is a holographic cupcake, which is lopsided. So that's why it's in my collection but yeah. It'S got like proper holographic based on it, which just does not show up on camera, which is so annoying, but it is really really cute really holographic, and then there is a bunch of sea themed cupcakes, which I made it all like. All in one go. Quite a few years ago now, so there is this one which was meant to look like a sand castle. But, let's be honest, it doesn't Sandcastle, it just looks really dirty, and then there are is this one? It was meant to look like a rock pool with a little starfish, but it didn't really turn out great and then there's this starfish, one which I think I did sell quite a few of these actually and they're really cute, and they all have these swirl bases, Which I've got to show you and then my favorite and the one that everyone loved this so much was this one which has a tiny little lie low and like rubber ring on top, it's got a swirl base and then it also has these really really tiny. Little footprints in the sand, which was so much fun to make, and the video of me putting these on one of these cupcakes I've integrated really really really well, it's like one of my highest ones before my other one went viral so yeah. I really love these cupcakes, so yeah. I'Ve only need to make more of these now summer's. Coming up to be fair, then you've got some more Christmas cupcakes, which are basically the same, but one is vanilla and one's chocolate, so they look like this. They'Ve just got these like candy, canes, swirled bases and icing on top, but like said one is chocolate and one is vanilla. Oh there's, a oh dear another, one of those cupcakes with the little footprints on top, looks like the it then another cupcake. That does really well, and people always seem to love. Is these leopard ones they face on this a slightly different, which is why I've kept this one, but there's nothing wrong with it. Apart from that, so it's basically a little leopard cupcake with leopard print all over it. I do a visual on this as well and then on. The bottom is leopard print as well. I love these cupcakes and they've got such a good reaction when I rated them for the first time. So they're just got a very special place in my heart and then oh there's another Christmas cupcake, which is exactly the same. Oh, it's the last one and then there is another one that has quite a nice little place in my heart. Is this little zombie cupcake? It does go with another cupcake that I have, but I don't think I put it in this box, but it is a little zombie with a brain and then stitches stitches have come off here, but yeah. This little brain is super super super cute. I need to make more of these this year, but they're just the always the green colors I have are just so soft there like unworkable, so yeah I've done one up in ages, but yeah we'll see if I actually do any of these okay, I need to Do this design and again, I need to do this and we'll see if actually ever happens, yeah I'm really running out of like space for cupcakes anymore, and I might have to like move everything along a bit and get a new compartment for them. All this video is so long guys, I'm just gon na keep going and showing me fast, so the compartment now, and that one is the sea themed one and I just happen to make a bunch of sea themed charms. So here are two little pearl oysters, which I also have a tutorial on. These were never finished, hence where they're dirty, but they are just some blue little oysters with cute little pearls in them, and this was the original one - sorry about the traffic in here. So this is the cute look pink one I made in this trial, which is just so cute. I love how like cute and derpy the little M pearls in these look. I just I love it. Then I also made a bunch of jellyfish, which I also have a tutorial on, there's a lots of different designs. So this is what they look like so purple and gold with shimmery like lilac and dark purple tentacles. Then there are these two which are light pink with purple, so they've got pearl, pink purple, dark purple, light purple like pink tentacles. They look like this and they've got their really cute little beads as eyes, so they are really adorable and, as I said there, is it wrong on those as well, and I have a bunch of starfish, which I also have a tutorial on. I have a mold free tutorial as well where's the mold free one. Oh there's another there's another jellyfish in here, which is a different design which is like a cute little skirt around the edge and then tentacles as well right yeah, he died. So I also have a bunch of starfish, so this is the one I make in the toy which is mold free, which I made with my hands, which is really really cute. I loved making these and then these two other large ones. I made using a mold that I had and they're just orange and this one's got like suckers and then this one's just textured and then I will see used a smaller mold to make these ones, which are really cute but kind of hard to see the faces. On which is why, like, I, never really sold that well. Actually, I did sell quite a few of these at one point, but they were just hard to make sure you can see the face on those ones, and then I have these two cute rock figurine things. I actually sold quite a few of these. I think, but it's basically like a evil, looking starfish on a sad-looking rock and then there's a different variation on here, which I just left this face. I think it's so sad and so cute so yeah a little under the sea sea life themed little compartment again running out of room. Then this one is just like galaxy. It was quite easy to split this one up because there's not much in here, but I basically have these quite old pendant things and a bass II just was testing out my pearlescent on black. So there's this one, which has a bunch of rhinestones on it and a cute little star, which you can tell it's old by the face and then I said, like I said, there's like a galaxy pattern in pearlescent pigment and then this one is the same. But a slightly different shape and it's got a little moon on it, which I do think I have a tutorial on the moon somewhere. It'S very old though, and then another variation on this is this one, which is where I drew some stars and also added some glitter, and it's got a star on it. So that's a very short compartment. Then this one is like fan art, so on top is a little keychain that I made of my friend Kira's character, spooky much cute. So I made this little charm which I'm really proud of, because I never make anything out of white clay because it's impossible to keep clean. But it's super cute and little arms adorable. And then I added the little word spooky. And then there is a star. A heart another pink heart and then a pink bead. I love this thing. I think it's a super super cute and I have the little flash that she has of this yeah cuz he's just such a cutie, so I had to make him - and this was in honor of her Kickstarter to have the plush made and it was successful. Then I have this it's just rather like my favorite things, I've ever made and probably the hardest. It'S an Azkaban sign from Harry Potter. It'S a sign that Sirius holds it was inspired by. I think someone I found on deviantART and also has an Etsy. I cannot remember the name if I can go back into one of my charm updates and find the person I'll try leave it below, but this was all made out of clay even this little stuff down here. It'S all made out of clay. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I sandwich the colors, so you can see it but yeah. If i zoom in you can see just how tiny everything is like this is literally all made out of clay and when you zoom in you see quite how bad it is but yeah. I was proud of this at the time and I don't know why I did it to myself. I just literally was so bored and can't think of anything else and yeah. I was really proud of this, so that's that's a nice one. Then there is this cute little hobbit door, which I or seven tutorial on this is Bag End and in Hobbiton. If you know The Hobbit films and you know the door so yeah, it's really cute, it's not the one down here somewhere. I did name, and then here is its lair chibi head that I made. I made this one as well, but it's not quite as key. This is like her hair when she's on Hoth - and this is obviously the famous hair which has gotten really dirty in my charm box. Wow, that's really annoying, but I have a tutorial on this. I did this charm when the late great Carrie Fisher passed away, and I just did it as a you know in honor of her. So I do have to troll on this as well. Not this one, but yes, either to lay a chibi heads and then here I love these. So much here are some little blob fish. If you don't know what blob fish are, they are just really really pretty ugly fish and they're kind of like a meme and like a thing on the internet. Now - and I love these so much so I did these - I can't remember whose name either starts with an S I'll put on the screen, but yeah she made some Blowfish brush, so I turned those into charms and yeah. I absolutely love these. I don't know what it is about these that just makes me laugh so much they're, just so key another one as well. In here there you go yeah. I made a girl, so there's like Bob, the blobfish and whatever I named the other one. I just love them, I think they say funny and then I have this little cast of a pin, obviously from Howl's Moving Castle, which is my favorite Studio, Ghibli film. So that's that there may be tutorial on this. You know if there is it's very old and then I also have this little counselor figure, which maybe there's a tutorial on this as well. I'M not sure, but it's basically just these little logs and then I've dusted them black. Then he sits on it like that, and this was a remake of a really really really really really old pot called porcelain. Figurine I made actually so yeah and he's got like the tips of his flames are metallic. I really like him. I might have to remake this one sometime and then this is also really really old. This is a Kyo keychain. I made from fruits basket the anime, because I love it so much basically he's a little cat character and he hates leaks. So I've made a little leak and then I've done hid a little anchor face, which I think I got from the manga. So yeah, it's just really simple and yeah. I just really liked it and then oh here's, the actual one I made from that tutorial. Actually, that's the lair lit Leah Leia head that I made in the tutorial and then last but not least, is this really really really really tiny, Elsa chibi? This is just one of those things you made really randomly. It'S also old a lot of this stuff ins. Time update like like this and there's this thing and then also this I like really really old charms, but I do tend to put things I'm really proud of back into, like my updated charm collection. So these are really old, but I just really loved the way she turned out. I just think she's super cute and like really chubby so yeah, she made the cut come into the new into the new box. So here is just the sweet compartment thing. So, on top is this little cake, which is actually meant to be for a remake video that probably hasn't gone up yet, which is annoying cuz, I'm showing this to you now but oh well, so this is sort of a remake of a an old charm. So it's just this little cake and it's got texture in it and chocolate filling and then it's got strawberries on top, and I really love this. I still didn't make it quite right, but I absolutely love the way this looks. Nonetheless, then there is this sugar doughnut that I made God quite a while ago and as you can see, it's not glazed that the sugar is just coming straight off it, and then I made these two, which again, I'm not sure whether I put up the charm Update or not where's the lottery, and that goes were then there is so these are made around Easter time. I'Ve just never really got a chance to show these in a video. I did do an old charm update. Well, I did do a time update. That'S probably quite old, so I'm not sure whether it's come before this one or not, or whether it's ever going to go up. But yes, so I saw these again on Instagram and a bakery page and they're like pastel, cheesecakes and so yeah. The picture basically had like this one with a piece out of it with a spoon, so I tried to recreate it, but this did not go particularly well. So the actual this whole one looks a lot better and the base looks really cute. I tried to get it as realistic as possible with some eggs on top yeah. These were just like a fun random idea that didn't go too well, but yeah then there this is really a random little compartment. There is a little rainbow donut in here then there's this, which I'm very proud of, which was from the polymer kitchen, polymer clay, kitchen, polymer, kitchen, playset thing that I reviewed and did a demo on. So this is a Christmas chocolate log and everything again is clay on here and it is absolutely tiny, and so that's my thumbnail and then you've got some Holly some a little. I don't even know. These little sticks are called a little like a signed thing, and then these strawberries have a little Santa looks at oh sorry, a little snowman strawberry with his tiny, tiny, tiny little nose, which I'm still flabbergasted has not fallen off in this charm box, because this has A way of breaking things so yeah, I love that one and then this is also why I keep the burnt ones as a reminder that you know I had to redo this and I was really annoyed, but look how much better it came out like seriously. So, that's why I always have these random burnt charms. Just just let you guys know, and then there is this donut, which I also made from that tutorial, which looks like this and again, like I burnt this one which is sort of similar. It was for the same reason, so yeah got it got on my boy. You came from guys there's another slice of cake which was from that other cake I showed earlier. Then there is a bunch of chocolate. What he's called panna Panna Chocolat. I always sell it's such an easier saying that I always just want to say chocolate and costs on, but yeah some of those in my collection. Then there are bunch of like Easter things that I did so see. If I can find all these there's probably more done there somewhere, but here is so I'm a little miniature creme eggs and they have got the filling coming out of them, which I just thought was quite oh, we've lost it. No, no mistake! Oh there we go which looks like this, and then I made two little brownies with a castle, dropping things with cream eggs on them and one's got a little face. They don't look particularly realistic, but they were quite fun to make. So there's those ones - and there is just a giant cross on which does not look very realistic and it's definitely really old. But I just love the way it looks. Then there are these necklaces that I have a tutorial on which are little like chokers and they are tiny little cookies with the word Wi-Fi on them and then the little Wi-Fi sign. I really like these. I made these. I thought this is like a really cute idea. I remember the video not doing very well, though, but yeah there is a tutorial on those as well somewhere in my channel you'll find in the description box. Then there is another: oh yeah, who's, exactly the same donut and again, I think the new one that came out better. So that's why I keep the old ones, but yeah that was again from the flame, okay, kitchen clay kit, which I have a fully review on which I'll try remember to link down below as well. Then there is this cookie, which is got a bunch of marks on it from this box, which is why he's looking very sad and he's also got a bike taking out of him, I miss making cookies. You don't actually really should do that again and then there is this. I forget what they're called in animes they're like cornet or something and it's it was from a riemann. I think it's cinnamon roll. It'S meant to be a little but poking out, and I just randomly made this and I thought it's quite cute, so I could keep it and then there are some tiny, tiny, tiny little Oreos which are made using a mold from miniature sweet. You can see quite how small they are here. I actually love these and love making creations with them. So yeah. If you want to know where I got the mould and click in the description box, where else have we got, we've got like a chocolate cookie. Another chocolate cookie, sorry pan ashokan are another but tinier cream egg, another cream egg brownie, but it slightly different style and then good old-fashioned, ghost cookie, which is kind of hilarious, because I now have a pin that looks exactly like this. Do I have one with me? I would do here we go like. I have never actually realized this, but I actually have I make these pins now it's a bit dirty, but I make these pins. Isn'T that funny? That'S actually quite cute. I never realize that, but yeah those are just like us. Just sweet things that I've made then this is just like the random savoury draw draw a compartment. This is a tiny little rice cooker. It was a remake, it's really simple, but it's super cute and you take the top off and there's some well Hoshi they're, not that tiny for this scale, but there's the little rice in there and it's just really cute and random, and I'm not really sure. But you know what you're gon na do and then there is a bunch of different taste designs. So there is my little bear toast, which again is a design that people went really crazy for so it's got a very special place in my heart and I made loads of these and there's so much fun to make. Is there another one, oh and here's another one, there's also a tutorial on my channel for this one, and then I did this at the end of it. Show you like how you can use the same kind of techniques and then here are two little like bear. Bread charms that I also made from an Instagram post that I saw of someone doing like bento and they're, just like two little pieces of bread to look like little little. Doggies um, here's another one as well, which isn't quite finished. And then here is a really old charm that just has again a special place in my heart, and it is little dumplings with some green tea and the little faces are all made out of clay. As you can see, which again are super super tiny and it's got some really ugly, looking green tea in it, but yeah super cute. I love this one. So much I'll have to remake this sometime again, because I've already remade it so it'd be really cool to see it roommate again, and then there is also this peeled sad orange scene, which is, I was inspired by Rebecca, which I can't read anyone's username to today. But I'll put it on the screen, I'll link it down below, but she's amazing - and I made this inspired by her again - a very small compartment that one and then randomly in here are just two holographic wing necklaces that I made again the holographic Ness. It doesn't show up particularly one on camera, but just randomly in here. I'M not sure why there's also this compartment, which is basically all macaron. Sadly, this one is completely broken, no idea how it happened because it didn't go in broken and I definitely haven't dropped this box. But this is a macaron again I made from a post that I'd seen on Instagram of a real macaroon, which I love this one again. This was another one that, like you, guys, really really loved it. When I put it up on Instagram - and you guys told me - you couldn't tell the difference between the real one in the photo and the one that was holding so yeah special place in my heart. But yes, it's got a bunch of homemade sprinkles on it. Sprinkle homemade sprinkles chocolate icing and then it's got chocolate filling but like I said, I need to glue this thing because it is well and truly broken, which is really sad. But you know we keep going life moves on and then there are two other big ones. So there's this simple, pink one with cute icing and then there's another one with that swirled icing and exactly the same design, and then there are a bunch of really small ones. So there's this chocolate heart-shaped one with white icing and strawberry pieces and pink in the middle same kind of concept, but a strawberry in the icing same kind of Ken's concept, but different pattern. And then there is a pink one which is like nice and simple. So yeah, that is my charmer well collection update. So thank you guys so much for watching. This was my updated charm collection. I hope the camerawork wasn't too shaky. I also know the the length this video is crazy. So if you got to the end of this video put a icecream in the comments so that I know who um you've watched till the end and also, let me know like which of these is your favorite or which of these you want and tutorials on that. I haven't already got tutorials on everything I did mention this video, though that has a tutorial or any supplies or anything I mentioned they will be in the description down below and there is also a FAQ. If you want to know more about my crafts me or how I film my videos, so if you'd like to see more from me, you can click the subscription button down below and if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a big thumbs up. If you want to see my last video, you can click on the screen right now or you can be taken to a different video that YouTube thinks you might enjoy, but as for now I hope you enjoyed the video, and I will see you in my next One bye guys you
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