Polymer Components

Hi, I'm Susan and today I wanted to show you what you really need. If you want to learn to play with clay, how much do you need to invest? I say about $ 20. You just need a roller. This is one I've gotten from eBay. That'S about $ 2 with the design, it's a smaller roller. This is the larger roller that I think sculpey or one of those companies has they work the same. You could use a piece of PVC pipe. I'Ve used all sorts of things, it works the same. They have long blades short blades eBay has the cheapest price personally, the short blades, my favorite, but I use the long blade all the time, because that was the first ones that were available and you need an acrylic block. It doesn't have to be a fancy one. As you can see, really banged up doesn't matter, it's just for rolling out beads, putting things on it's just a great little tool. That'S what you really need! I bought this beginner package of clay from sink Joanne's or Michaels. It was $ 30. I had a 50 % off coupon, so it came to $ 15. So basically, those three tools that you need. I will put the links below for on eBay how much they cost, but it was approximately $ 5 for those three tools. If you want to get started and just see what this does, that's the way to go you also to make beads will need a mark suit tool. I have another tutorial. I will link below that shows you how to make a mark suit tool. It'S pretty simple. The other tool you'll need is a used gift card and you can wrap it in any kind of paper. Notebook paper, scrapbook paper, whatever it just the paper, just keeps it from sticking to the clay. Another thing you need is a cutter. This cutter, I have made from a very, very fancy thing. I have made it from a Pepsi. Can, yes, you heard it right. All I did was cut a strip off straight [, Music, ], wrap it around and tape it on both sides. All you need to do so. All these fancy tools, you really don't need them. This will give you the same amount of clay every time. I didn't really do this neatly. I was just doing it quick, but this one I did do neatly. It will give you the same amount of clay every time when you cut and that's all the purposes. The other thing you can use is the bottom of a soda. Can I saw this from Ludmila? I can't remember her last name and all she did was cut around it and Bend this in, so that it's not sharp, and if you wanted to bake a rounded bead, you could just use this and bake right in the oven with this. So there's lots of tools that you can get for free. The other thing is you'll need a needle tool. I use this for lots of things. I have another tutorial that shows how to make this. You can even use a toothpick if you want to make it so just look around the house, I'm sure you'll find things that you never thought to use for polymer clay, but ready really see what you can do with this. I am going to literally pull this apart and I'm just going to do a couple segments of showing you how I make beads with this little amount of clay. Now I normally would love to add to this and buy an extra package of pearl, translucent and white, but I'm not going to because I am going to show you what you get literally out of this package and I'm going to use the entire package and make Beads with it so let's get started. Let me open these up and come back, so I have all my clay unwrapped and they actually give you a really nice collection of colors, but I am going to break this up just because I need to start making some beats, and I want to show you What you can do with this, so I don't have I'm not going to use my pasta machine because that's where you're gon na begin, if you're a beginner, let me go with this lighter green. I'M going to take these two greens and I am going to make a leaf cane well because I don't have a pasta machine. I have to condition the clay and you're gon na say. Why are you doing it that way? I find it easier to roll out the clay I take my ring off. It just seems to beat it up better. I find that you can roll it out with a roller, but it's been sleeping a while in the package and when the clay has been sleeping. It'S really not cooperative. Now I do live in Florida, so it's about 95 degrees here, like it or not, and the clay actually likes the warmer weather. So it's easier to conditioned. So if you're up north and it's cold put it in your back pocket a couple packages, if I find that body temperature heats it up put it, you know in a warmer place, don't just don't leave it where it's freezing or in a colder spot of the House don't put it on the radiator, but put it close to where you get heat, and you can see this clay is kind of falling apart and squishy. What you are going to need to do is keep rolling this out until it goes together and stays together. I really want you to see this because most people are going to open this up and say I hate this crap. This is horrible. I'Ve watched Susan do it and it comes out perfect and mine isn't coming out perfect right. I have conditioned the clay now. I do use a pasta machine to condition the clay and when I started out, I never heard of a pasta machine to condition clay. In fact, I didn't even know you had to condition it, but I just played with it and learned that the more I played with it and the more I moved it around the softer and more pliable the clay became and it changes its whole complexity. So this is the time that, if you wanted to add some other color to the clay, like look that this is kind of an ugly iridescent. Let'S add that to this, so that we get a little iridescent in this it'll change. The look of our King - and this is probably the best time to add it - and I love mixing colors to me, mixing colors - is what makes my beads look so much like they're painted versus just layers of clay, but you can see it is still not coming Together, normally, I would turn the camera off, but as I condition this clay, I am leaving it on, because I really want you to see what this entails, because most people get frustrated and say it's not working for them. Well, these packages have been sitting in the store, probably in a warehouse for at least a year or six months, and this clay can sit for 20 years and still be fine. I have canes that are 20 years old, and so once I start reducing them, they're fine, so it doesn't go bad. It just held gets funny and you have to wake it up. Now you can twist it you can squish it. You can do whatever you can and in fact, if you have arthritis, this is a great workout, but you want to get this clay to the point where it's not doing that when I roll it, it will start to come together, and so I am going to Continue doing this until the clay comes together and I will do it with this one and I think I'm going to add some of this yellow a white to this one. Just so you see what I'm doing for my colors, because I really want to show you a whole tray of beads that I make with all this clay. So you can see what you can get for $ 20 with the clay and a lot of time. So I will condition this and I'm gon na time this out and see how long it takes me, because this has already been four minutes of conditioning so we'll see how long it takes for me to condition one piece of clay to give you an idea of How much that is without a pasta machine, so I've got both of them conditioned. It actually took me about 6 minutes of working straight, just rolling and rolling and squishing and rolling to get both of these conditions. So it took me 12 minutes all together now, because I don't have a pasta machine that I'm using. I am just doing this all by hand just to give you an idea that you can do this. I have made it into a teardrop shape, so I've basically made a ball pinched it and flattened it, and this will give you the same skinner blend as if you cut it into a truck cut it into a rectangle and made triangles. So if you don't have a full package of clay, because this is only about a half ounce of clay - these are only one ounce packages and I cut it in half and then I used a little wedge off of another color. So that's probably like an eighth of a package and added it to it. So these are definitely not 2 ounce packages. This is probably 2 ounces together, maybe a little more, but you don't have to have a square to start out doing a skinner blend. Polymer clay Tudor has a tutorial on how to do a skinner blend just using teardrops, and it works great with it and now you're gon na see the pitfalls of working with the roller. It'S not impossible. It'S difficult! Now you can buy pasta machines on Aliexpress and wish that are about $ 20 with the shipping I've seen them. I don't know how good they are, but how bad could they be? The only thing I found about the cheaper pasta machines is they don't? Last me, ten years, but if you're just curious and you want to play and you've got an extra 20 bucks to waste they're well worth it, I think they're a good investment, but I'm just showing you what you can do with the minimal investment $ 20, which Really gives you an idea now you will have to bake this in your oven and I know the older polymer clay did let off fumes. So I am extremely paranoid and I do what we call tent it, which means I just cover it with foil. Just a big foil, tent or a dollar store roasting, pan I put on top so that my oven doesn't get filled with fumes. Now I've heard you don't need to do it, but because I'm old-school, that's what I do so. I would recommend you do it. If you don't do it, you won't die, it's just I'm paranoid, so I am going to continue rolling this out until I get a skinner blend and I will come back because this is boring to watch. So it took me about 17 times, folding it over and rolling it before I got this and now I'm just squishing it up into a log I'm going to roll it the other way - and I am going to make a cane with it - and this is kind Of boring to watch so I'm going to create a leaf cane out of this. You can watch my leaf cane video and I am going to create lots of other canes with all these other clays that I have so I'm going to go, create these come back and show you what I get out of some of this, because it is kind Of boring to watch what I'm going to do, but I really want to show you what you can get out of this pound and a half of just little assorted pieces, because I think there's quite a bit here and well: we've got a stone clay, which means It'S got like little flecks of glitters, I don't know if they're, really glitters or kind of embossing powder in it, so it kind of has a stone effect. This would be really pretty mixed with the Pearl and put maybe some leaves on the ends. I'M going to get our homemade clay out, bead roller and we'll roll out some beads with these maybe add a little bit of black to it and let's see what we get just out of this mix of clay, so you can see. Is this your thing or do not really want to invest in it just watch other people do it, because that can be fun too. So let me make this cane and let me make a flower cane and come back so just to show you how I roll out a cane. Since I don't have a pot since I'm not using. I can't say I don't have since I'm not using a pasta machine, I'm losing my shape here, so I just keep pushing it in and rolling it Center, and I can flip this over and do it the same on the side, because I want this as soon As I can get it before, I roll it up and now I'm just going to take it and roll it onto itself. So if you don't have a pasta machine, it does not mean you can't do this. It just means you're gon na get a little work out, so I'm just basically making that plug, and now I'm going to use my table. Remember I have a glass table. If you don't have a glass table, if you have a tile, if you have a picture frame, you can use that anything will work. And now I'm going to just tighten this up a little bit and then I'm going to roll out my veins and add my veins and put a wrap around the ends and I will have my leaf gained so then I will move on from there. So here I ran across a little problem which I'm not used to having because I'm used to having more clay than I need to work with I've rolled this out by hand. So I can't get this exact same thickness again and I don't have enough here. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to roll this clay onto this other piece of clay and it's going to make little Mark's like registration marks, of where I should cut, and that is going to make it easier for me to fit this little Piece in here - and this is really kind of the little techniques you have to fiddle with when you're working with a piece of clay that, because when you have a pasta machine, you know if I roll it out again on a number one. I'M gon na get that exact same thickness on that number, 1 or 3 or whatever number you're using. But when you're rolling it out by hand you don't and you're sort of guessing the thickness, and so you can see. I'Ve got my leaf cane started here and I'm just cutting finishing it up, but it sorry about my iPad. It is a little more challenging creating canes when you don't have as much clay. So most of my clay that I'm going to make my canes out of other than this one - and I don't know if I'm going to do a fantasy leaf cane, because I don't have consistency with my rolling now. If I can find a deck of playing cards or two rulers, something that will give me on each side, I can put something that will be the same thickness with me. You know what maybe I'm just gon na take some cardboard and make some stacks that'll. Give me the same thickness that I can make stripes that are even so. Let'S see if I can do that, I'm just trying to think of ways to work with what you have, but there's really not much clay here, there's only an ounce of each so to do a cane where we have a stripe all the way, a checker. All the way around, I don't think there would be enough clay here, but we still could do a stripe cane and do something with that. So let me move on and see what we get, so you can do a stripe without a pasta machine. This is the one that I rolled out on the pasta machine, which is equal to four stacks of cereal cardboard and what I did was. I took a piece of cardboard and I stacked it four times on itself, just a cereal box, and I have made two of these, so what you can do is I had rolled out that already before you can just roll it out using this as the thickness. So this won't allow the rollers to go any thinner, so you can get the same thickness every time and we are going to be able to make some stripes. Now I don't know what I'm gon na do with my stripe cane, but I just want to show you that, just because you don't have a pasta machine doesn't mean you can't do it. So as I'm working with this clay, I'm not using all these colors at once, so I'm conditioning it and I need to store it because not too many of you are going to sit in one time and use all your clay. I put it in these little cellophane packages and you say what the heck packages - these are Clearview pages that you can get at the dollar store the office supply store. You can steal them from your kids. They simply, I just cut them across and across this way, and then I cut the seam. So I just have it open like a book, I don't know what the PVC or the plastic this is made of, but it doesn't seem to eat with the clay or bond with the clay. So it's a perfect way to store it. I usually put them in a shoebox and I store them from color to color. It'S also great. If you've made a skinner blend, you have a little bit left. You can store it right on one of these sheets and use it to say, create a little rose or something that you have. These are just little ends of clay that I used up so there's just different ways. You can store it, but I find this one to be the easiest whatever you do, do not put it in a Tupperware container. A lot of plastics and polymer clay do not get along and the clay will start to eat away at the plastic and it will be contaminated and you can't use it so just a little tip and I am going to continue conditioning clay. So, as I'm mixing my clay, I'm noticing that these colors that came with the package are very close to my skintone color, which would make really ugly beads, and I like contrasts, so I'm going to add this red and make a pretty pink out of it. This really odd pearlescent II, kind of greenish, strange color, as you can see with skin tone, doesn't do anything so we're gon na make a nice teal out of it. We'Re gon na add some blue to it and once again, we've got a funky base. We'Re just gon na add some purple. This stone color doesn't really work for me, so we're gon na do what every sparkly girl does, I'm going to add some holographic glitter. This is ultra fine, scrapbooking glitter. You can get this at Michael's Joanne's any scrapbook company. Lots of craft stores and I'm going to add it also to my translucent, because it could use a little sparkle too. So when you see me working with these clays or suits my clays later on - and you say I didn't get those with my set - that's because I altered them. So now you know okay, so here's the outcome of adding the red to the clay, the green to the clay. The purple didn't come out too nice, not too thrilled with that, but I'm hoping they didn't, give me too much purple these three Purple's. So I'm hoping maybe we could stack this and use this as the middle of the flower. We'Re gon na do the brush strip the pencil, stroke flower and I think that this may work pretty well with it, even though it's kind of ugly, sometimes the contrast will be good and you can see the stone color clay, which was really ugly, looks a whole Lot better with some sparkle in it, and then this is my translucent just packing it up with glitter and you can see. I'Ve still got some glitter on my hands, but this will give us so much prettier beads than just as plain clays. So when you see me working with this - and you say - oh my gosh - I didn't get those in my package just mix them up so now that I've got my clay all conditioned and my glitter is mixed in and some of my colors mixed now. It'S time to play so we're just gon na take these. I am going to make some bullseye canes and some pencil stroke flower canes and see what we get and whatever I have leftover we're gon na make some stripes and stacks, and then I'm gon na use the rest as filler clay. So I think we've got quite a bit here and I should probably have a huge amount of beads more done, so I'm excited to see what this turns out to be. So I'm back and I made a few canes. This is the pencil stroke, flower and normally I would use a large ball tool to kind of make the indent in this flower, but you knew it clay, you don't have the soap, we got to look for alternatives. I have this pen that has a rounded top. I think this will work. The other thing I can do is just use my fingers. If you don't have anything else, you got to work with what you've got. So I made my needle tool and I am just going to bend in the flowers on the edges and because I don't have the ball tool, you can either use your knuckle and push it in or I'm going to just use this pen, because this pen has This perfect little cup thing in it, and so I'm just gon na use that but look around the house. I am sure you will find you have things all over now when you're cleaning out the odd drawers, you will look at things differently that you can use for clay if you're into clay and if you're, not into clay. You can always give this away as a gift to somebody and they will have a lot of fun with it. So you can see how I made that flower, these other flowers, I've done a little thicker, so I'm going to do them just as a regular flat. Flour and these I'm going to continue as a Marguerite, so I just wanted to come and show you what you can use that you have around the house when you're stuck okay. So I'm back with another issue. I want to make these into Marguerite beads and I don't have the rubber tool that I normally use because I'll new at this, so I'm going to take a pencil. That'S not very sharp, so it won't really push in and I am just going to push down on the pedals, and I am amazed that this worked now. The other thing you can do is if the pencil lead transfers to the clay. You could just put a little clear nail polish on the end of the pencil, because that will five sharp enough anyway, but that seems to be pretty good. It really seemed to do the trick as to adding the little petals, and I am using my needle tool. Just to put the hole through now, it's fine with the thicker pen, but to make holes in these. This is a regular like sewing, pin that I've put a handle on because it would have been really hard to try to skewer it through, and I'm just using this to secure my beads, because once again I don't have fancy tools and that's what this video is About is working with what you have, and so, if you don't have fancy tools, you can use what you have you just kind of have to. I know it sounds silly to add a handle to it, but it's really hard to hold that little pin when you're holding it you're almost at the edge here and so you'll. You don't have enough leverage to make it actually through the bead. It'S pretty darn close. So when you add the handle to it, it gives you that extra leverage to make it through. So when you're holding it, you just want to make sure that you kind of drill it through, because this is a bigger hole than I normally would put. And if you don't, if you're not careful and drilling it, you will distort the bead. So I'm going to use my cutter, it's not the best cutter in the world, but it does the job. I have rolled this out between my two strips of cardboard. That are four thicknesses, which is basically some cardboard and I'm just going to cut out these circles now I am using the full-size circle to make a pod. These are the pods I've made and I am using half of the circle to make these beads. So it's just a way to really measure my clay and it doesn't matter if they're, perfect or they're not perfect, but if you really want to see if this is your thing, this is probably the best investment you should make and if you like this, then you Invest in a set of cutters, you can get them on Aliexpress Wish eBay. All those different sites have them now to make the pod. You can see the video I you know, make this little circle, and then I pinch it, and then I cover it with clay and to make my beads I'm just going to cut this in half and cover it with the basket weave cane I made this under Here and that's how I've got these beads so just some little tips that you don't need to have fancy tools to make nice beads. So I'm in the process of making a donut - and I don't have jelly paper. So what can you use? I'M gon na use. My clay box and I'm going to just use a piece of scrap paper that I miss printed on and see it doesn't stick any different than the deli paper. The deadly paper is thinner and it just has more body to it that it wouldn't tear after a while, but it doesn't mean you have to have it now. I don't have a knitting needle to blend in this little crack that I have were it's split, so I'm just using a pen just this is a pen that has a roll smooth body to it, and that will do the same thing. So then we have the other problem. How are we going to put the Center in the donut, because I don't have the really nice set of cutters here? I found a bottle cap. This will do the perfect circle and if it doesn't cut all the way through it's no big deal, I can just make the lines in it and use an exacto knife and cut it through. So, there's just a lot of ways that you can finish these beads off with things you have around the house. So if you don't have all the tools, don't feel like it's a major investment or you can't do good clay. So now you can see. I am just cutting this metal out and no big deal. If I don't get it on one side, I can get it on the other, and now I'm going to refine it with my pen. Just the body of the pen is all I need it's a lot. Thicker than I thought it was there we go and see. I don't have a perfect cut, don't worry about it, you can either take the bottle cap and push it through or you can take the pen and just roll this in and refine it and I'll finish. Refining this and I've made some leaf canes and some flower, canes and I'll decorate. This up and you'll see it done in the end, but I just wanted to give you that tip. You don't have to have all the perfect tools, so I've covered a ball of clay. Just a scrap ball of clay with this cane that I made, and I wanted to show you a little tidbit of what I am going to do with this, which is just the bottom of us, and I've just basically used the excess and folded it down. So it's not sharp on the edges. Well, if you want it to bake this circle so that it had a dome shape to it, so it looked more dimensional without adding any more weight. This is the way to do it. You could also bake it on an old light bulb, but how many of us have all blight bulbs around? We all have more soda cans, so I'm just basically giving it that dome shape and you can buy these domes from sculpey. I actually have them, but you can only bake one at a time in the oven where, with this, you could take 10 soda cans. If you wanted to do 10 beads at a time and let's face it, we're saving this from a landfill anyway. So I'm just pressing it around and shaping it, and now I will decorate it so you'll see it in my final beads we'll put a hole in the top here and whether I decide to drill some holes in the bottom for fringe or not depends on what How I'm going to beat it, but it shows you how I make a nice easy, dome, bead and how, once again, you find more stuff in the trash that are tools. Then why buy them? Because that's more money we have for clay. So I'll show you this at the end, so I finished decorating it and I want to press these little pieces of cane in and once again I don't have any jelly paper, so you can just use regular paper. You just can't see as clearly what you're doing, but I want to make sure that these are pretty much embossed in so that they're not going to come off now to get this bead off after this bakes, I'm just gon na pop it. Basically, nothing adheres to something: that's shiny, went with polymer clay. If it's a slick surface, it will not adhere so once it's baked, it will just pop right off and this way it'll be finished on both sides. Now you can take a needle tool and put a hole in it right wherever you want right now, I'm going to leave it without a hole, because I haven't decided whether I want to use this as a cabochon or as a bead, and I can always drill It with a regular hand, drill after its baked, so just a little hint some another quick tool. Hack I found, is to make these Marguerite beads. I usually use a little ball tool to make that cup in the bead. I have found a pencil eraser used one's a little better, but you can always just take the edges off fit with a piece of paper just using it, and I just find that it makes that perfect little cup so another tool. Now. I also have a lot of beads that I wanted to show you I am going to bake. I have them on a tile. This is just a household tile. You know when you'd put on the floor of the wall. I'Ve had this probably over 20 years, so it fits in my toes driving perfectly. This is an old t-shirt that I've cut up and I baked my beads on a t-shirt. It will leave no shiny spots. This bead, when I pull it off, may a shiny spot because I baked it on a shiny surface. So that's the reason I do that, but just a quick preview before we come back. So I have this all baked and I just wanted to show you how easy it just pops right off, see it just kind of releases and that's the shiny mark that you get when you have something baked on something slick, a non-porous surface. And so you would get these unevenly on your beads if you left them on a tile that didn't have a towel or something. So it's fine on the back of the speed, but if you had it on the front of the bead or the side of the bead, it would look kind of odd. So that's all you do to to release it, and now it's got that permanent dome shape. In it, so you don't have the extra weight, so I'm back - and this is what I have leftover clay besides a couple globs from Kane ends and things, but this is all the colors I have left and I have to figure out something to work with these. So I've made teardrops sorry about my iPad because I'm going to do Skinner blends with these and fold them and make some kind of cane or some kind of something I don't really know. But since I don't have any other colors and I'm not used to not knowing what to do here, you know I like this hue better here and you can't mix purple and yellow without getting mud. So the purple has to go next to the blue and see sometimes colors will tell you what they can do. Let me make sure I get this in camera and the red has to go next to the yellow, because that'll make orange and the purple is all I've got left. It cannot go next to the yellow, so I'm gon na make some skinner blends out of this and at the end, you'll see what I've made from it. But I want to show you what I do when I get down to nothing, because I'm just probably as confused as you are at this point, but I am challenged I'm going to make something out of this. So I'm back and I don't want to tell you how long it took me to roll these out and make these in the Skinner blends without a pasta machine, but then I scrunched them together and made these long pieces. So let me stretch these out, so you can see what I did so scrunch them together and I made these ends thinner now, since I don't have. I just have that and then one little piece here left over that isn't big enough. I'M not going to use that. I am going to make these sort of like a tsunami cane which basically I'm going to wrap them around each other and the only way I can see that yellow working is in the middle there, because, if I put it with the purple, it's too much contrast. But it's still really pretty. I personally would have liked to have added some white or some black in here, but this is what I got to work with and we'll see how it comes out, but it looks kind of pretty so I just thought I'd share with you how I did that. So, after the fact I don't get messaged on the comments. How how did you do that? Why don't you show us? It was just back-to-back and now that you see me start to reduce it, you can see how it changes form and how you won't even recognize. What I did there, so I reduce that cane and pinched it into a leaf put it together and made this pinwheel type of design. I made a few beads out of it, I'm not feeling it. I just want you to see you're, not the only one that gets a mess, so the alternative to do with it. Is I'm going to chop it up and make some beautiful, lentil beads? I might need to make some leaves out of them, because this color combination is actually gorgeous, and this is just part of clay. Not everything works out, and I want you to see that it doesn't work out for all of us. It'S not just you and leaving these mistakes in to me is more valuable than just showing you a straight-through video with no mistakes. Well: here's the results of days and days and hours and hours of playing with clay. So, yes, the clay was relatively inexpensive, but the time was excessive. I spent a lot of time. This is the bead that I made using the soda. Can lid and we'll do some more beads like this? I won't just wanted to show you, since I was showing how to use a cutter. You can make a cabochon out of this or I could drill it and put fringe at the bottom lots of cool stuff. Here is my donut bead, one of them that I've made. I did not make a lot of focus only because I did not have a lot of clay to make focal z' with so since you're, only working with an ounce apiece. This is all there is. This is the leftover piece of clay that I have it's the only piece of clay I didn't use, it's basically equal to a folded focal, so it was just too ugly to use. I was just done pushing the limit on this one, but you can see. I mean this is really deep of beads. How much I got out of this this one I made with my bead roller hack, using my hand, sanitizer bottle and a piece of cardboard out of the recycle bin. So there's another video on that. If you want to learn how to do these, but all of these beads I made are from my videos that are currently up, and that's basically why I made the ones I did these. You can see that I do not have my Skinner blend as refined as I normally would. What I have a pasta machine but they're still really pretty, and it was just that I needed to keep folding and rolling and folding and rolling. And I wasn't used to using a rolling pin anymore because I'm spoiled with my pasta machine. But I not only got this tray of beads. I also got this tray of beads, and these are some of my Natasha's that I was able to create with the ends of the Canes that I created now. I did not have a lot of colors, so this is what I worked with and you will find once you start to play that you, you just work with what you have and here's some skinner blend that I made into a swirl. Some leaves that I used leftover from these canes and my leaf canes, so I just kind of swirled whatever I had leftover, but that's not all I got. I got one more tray. I also got this try of beads, so you can see from that. Pound-And-A-Half of clay, let me move this all over and pull the camera back. I want to show you how much you really get out of that box. This was my challenge, my personal challenge, and I took it as a real challenge and you can see all of those beads came from this pound and a half of clay. So we started out with this and that's what it ended up as and if you would like I'll put the last glob of clay in there. But that's how much you get so you get hours and hours of fun play. But you also get lots of product out of this, so if you want to give it a try, the entire investment you need to invest is just about $ 20, and if you don't get a coupon on the clay, I don't know how much it would be Overseas, because this is an American product, but you can clearly see it's worth, giving it a shot and if you don't like doing it, you can donate the clay to somebody else, because somebody's going to have fun with it. So I hope you give it a try and I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can make with a starter pack and not to be intimidated. It'S just clay and if it turns out to be a glob like this, we use it as clay filler. Don'T worry about it, but please feel free to play with it, because there's no better therapy than clay to me. So I hope you enjoyed the 

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